Are You Giving Your Customers What THEY Want?

Or are you trying to force them to buy
what YOU think they need?

A recent conversation with a client revealed a vital insight.

During the “Discovery Stage” of our Authentic Personal Branding Program. she became aware of a characteristic that, if unchecked, threatens to derail her profes-sional success.

My client is an intelligent, experienced, hard working professional. She genuinely cares about her clients and truly loves her work. But… she tends to “overestimate people.”

Ironically, this “fatal flaw” is directly related to the depth of her caring and breadth of her expertise.

When clients come to her for a thimbleful of advice, she gives them a bucketful instead.  And because it’s obvious she has their best interests at heart, most of her clients take the bucket, and thank her. But few follow through. Most don’t even come close to using the whole bucket….

There are many valid reasons why this happens!

  • They’re not THAT interested
  • They’re not THAT motivated
  • The issue is just not THAT important to them
    (or they don’t fully grasp its critical nature)
  • Following through requires a LOT more work than they expected
  • They aren’t willing to devote THAT much time to it

These folks got more than they bargained for, which, if you’re talking about a “Super Saturday” sale at Macy’s, is a good thing.  But when you set out to buy a box of band-aids and end up with an advanced first aid training kit, you won’t feel quite so lucky. You’ll feel burdened. So you’ll take out the box of band-aids and put them in your medicine cabinet. Then, when you’re fed up with feeling guilty that you haven’t watched the kit’s training videos and figured out how to use all its contents, you’ll stuff it into a closet somewhere and forget about it.

Getting more than they bargained for is not just bad for my client’s customers. Over-delivering is bad for my client too! Her customers’ failure to follow through and achieve the results she wants for them leaves her disappointed and disheartened. It often also leaves her carrying the load. Because when they don’t do the work, she tends to jump in and help, so they’re sure to get the outcomes she truly believes they need.

Does this sound familiar?

Are you giving your clients what THEY want?  

Or are you burdening them with what YOU believe they need?

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