Relevance and Personal Branding

Your Authentic Personal Brand Positions YOU
as the Obvious Best Choice.

In Module 1 Stage 4 of the Authentic Personal Branding Process you
define and get to know your target market: the people you serve.

This is a critical element in creating a relevant message, because…
Presenting a relevant message is key to attracting positive attention.

Your Authentic Personal Branding Attention Getting Strategy connects the dots
for prospective customers, colleagues, and employers.  Point by point it demonstrates how your skills, experience, and accomplishments deliver their wants, fulfill their needs, and achieve their goals.

Relevance is key to your attention getting strategy.

If you don’t know what your audience needs, wants, or aspires to, it’s easy to miss the mark.  Even worse, you risk alienating the people you want to attract.

These TV commercials  provide excellent examples of “What Not To Do.”

Commercial #1 begins with a job applicant climbing into an air duct in the ceiling and crawling through it. Moments later, she falls onto the floor  in an employee bathroom. The disheveled applicant picks herself up, shakes herself off, and hands her resume to an executive who ignores her sudden crash landing.   Watch commercial

Commercial #2 opens in a high-rise office boardroom. As a window washer’s platform rises into view, the operator rolls out a series of signs, asking to be hired. He attempts to stick these to the windows. But when
a gust of wind carries some letters away, all that remains is a partial message that embarrasses the meeting’s leader.  Watch commercial

While both scenarios are entertaining, these tactics could never get these job seekers hired. In both cases, the applicants fail to recognize the needs of their prospective employers. Instead of being innovative or inspired, their attention getting strategies are intrusive and unwelcome.

When implementing an attention getting strategy, it’s easy to forget that you’re targeting people with unique wants and needs. Forget that and you’ll miss the mark. Focus on THEIR wants and needs, instead of your own, and your messages will be much more likely to attract positive attention and responses.

Producing FOCUSED messages that are RELEVANT and WELCOME is
one of the most useful applications of your Authentic Personal Brand.

  1. Define your target market.
  2. Identify the relevant benefits you offer them.
  3. Craft messages that capture their attention, and build positive rapport.

If you are struggling to develop relevant, focused, well received messages, contact us.  We’re happy to help!