It’s What’s Inside (Your Brand) That Counts

There’s much more to your personal brand than a slick professional profile, clever slogan, and appealing graphics.

All of these external elements make up the “skin” of your personal brand… the attractive outer packaging that contains your brand’s inner substance.

A new car’s “skin” is its initial attraction, but it’s what inside that counts.

Think of it this way….

When buying a new car, we’re all initially attracted to its appealing “skin:” phenomenal paint, great lines, moon-roof, stylish trim package,  tinted glass, heated and cooled leather seats, name brand tires, low profile rims, etc.

But no one would buy just the “skin” of a vehicle. With nothing inside, it would be little more than an expensive piece of driveway
or parking lot decor. Who wants THAT?

When shopping for a vehicle to transport you, or you and your family, from point A to points B, C, D…  you’ll look at the substance beneath the vehicle’s attractive exterior and interior to find out if it:

  • Is powered by an engine that meets your needs
  • Is equipped with the transmission that can handle the terrain you drive
  • Comes with the navigation, entertainment, climate, communications and
    seating features that make driving safe, comfortable and convenient

Now your personal brand is NOT a luxury car, family van, or sporty SUV… But the vehicle example is useful to separate a brand’s exterior good looks from the value of the experience you get when driving.

Your personal brand is an asset.
It’s part of who you are;
with you, always serving you.

When you think of your personal brand, think of it as a powerful, dynamic entity that’s fully equipped to take you to your desired destination.  It’s also a robust life navigation aid you can trust to guide you through volatile situations, unstable terrain, around roadblocks and dead ends.

It’s truly a case of, “It’s what’s inside that counts!”  So contact me!
Let’s lift the hood of your brand, and take a peek at what’s inside.