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The BIGGEST challenge that we all face in our crowded, fast paced, ever-changing world is to know ourselves!

The SECOND biggest challenge is to clearly communicate WHO and WHAT we are, so that others “get it,” instantly!

As a personal branding expert, my challenge is to help people frame WHO and WHAT they are with the Authentic Personal Brands that attract the people and opportunities that are a PERFECT fit for them.

I’m Rosemary Davies-Janes, and in 1998, after spending 15 years working on some of the biggest brands in the world, I founded my own personal brand agency, MIBOSO.

By combining the first two letters of mind, body and soul, MIBOSO reflects my holistic approach to branding.

When I started MIBOSO, personal branding was new. So when people asked me what I did, and I said, “Personal Branding,” I could usually count on them to say, “Oh, branding like cows?” “No.” I’d reply, “Branding like Coke and Pepsi.”

Today, personal branding is being used by anyone who wants to take charge of their career or excel in their profession; entrepreneurs, doctors, business people, therapists, executives, even corporate leaders like Henry Ford’s great-grandson, Bill.

Meet Sara:

Sara was a teacher who needed a career change. In the process of developing her Authentic Personal Brand, she realized that her passion for teaching was fueled by being at the front of a room full of living, breathing people.

As a result, she successfully transitioned into a seminar leader and corporate trainer, a role which puts her in front of hundreds of people each and every week.

How do YOU ENGAGE people?

How do you effectively communicate ALL that you are and ALL that you do?

Surely no-one has THAT MUCH time, patience (or frankly, interest) UNLESS you give them something to ENGAGE their interest.

Your Authentic Personal Brand is YOU distilled into a look, an attitude and a message that attracts the people and opportunities that are a perfect fit for you.

  • What will your Authentic Personal Brand look like?
  • What will it feel like?
  • What will it say?

You COULD create a personal brand that reflects who and what YOU WANT TO BE. That’s how corporate branding is done. A product brand is built on the strengths,attitudes and values that are chosen to appeal to the people they want to buy it.

But there’s a very real DANGER in doing that in personal branding, as it won’t take long before “the real you” shows up, and the people or opportunities that your made-up brand has attracted will disappear when you show up authentically. At best, you’ll be seen as confusing, at worst, as deceitful.

Martha Stewart went through this.

Originally her personal brand set her us as the perfect homemaker or “Domestic Diva.” But for those of us who keep a home, what she stood for was often more intimidating and exhausting than inspiring. Who could compare favorably with “Perfect Martha?”

Her stock trading scandal showed she was just as human as the rest of us, and her post scandal personal brand has become much more real, and appealing to “real women.”

How do you Build an Authentic Personal Brand?

Your Authentic Personal Brand is carefully crafted from your natural strengths, talents, passions, experience, ideals and values.

Meet Jeff:

A full 12 months before Jeff retired from the military, he hired Miboso to help him create his own Authentic Personal Brand. As a Top Gun, Jeff was definitely “the best of the best.”  In life and death combat situations, no-one was more trusted and valued. Two of Jeff’s strongest values are service and education. He continually expands his own knowledge and generously shares his knowledge with others.

Today, Jeff is one of “the best of the best “ in the investment and wealth management business, a role in which excellence, trust, service and education are invaluable. By incorporating WHO he had been in the past, WHO he is in the present and WHO he wants to be in the future, his brand represents “the real Jeff.”

Contact me to find out how Authentic Personal Branding can positively impact YOUR personal and professional success.  Read my story to find out how being a “misfit” as a child led me to my calling…
Helping people stand out – in all the right ways!

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