Module 2 – STAGE 1: DISCOVER – Your Brand

Find Out What Others REALLY Think of You!
Gather Input from Your Personal & Professional Networks


Are you admired, appreciated and liked? Finding out what others think of you boosts your confidence and relieves the stress caused by not knowing, wondering and worrying.

What makes you stand out and attract attention?
If you don’t know, you’ve likely experienced the humiliation of being overlooked, ignored or discounted, because others don’t know either. Find out, then tell them! Make it easy for them to choose you.

  1. You’ll begin this Module by uncovering the hidden agendas that drive your actions and reactions.
  2. Use our “Multi-Rater 360 Assessment” to find out how others see you, what they think of you and what they tell others about you.

You’ll gain an accurate understanding of how you are regarded, the impression you make, and how you impact others.  If you’re not coming across the way you want, boost your appeal quickly and easily! Consistent input on distracting, annoying or self sabotaging behaviors tells you where and when you need to shift gears.

This experience is uplifting. It is also very grounding. Others’ feedback will validate whether you come across authentically, or not. If you don’t, you’ll know exactly what to change so you do! And if you do, enjoy the relief of being accepted as who you truly are. There’s no need for exaggeration, deception or dreading discovery. You get to relax and be real.

  • Prerequisites: Module 1 (Can be purchased as a stand alone Module)
  • Length: 22 pages (4912 words)
  • Contains: 4 Exercises
  • Average Completion Time: Varies – depending on the responsiveness of the people you choose to participate
  • Pricing: Varies – see below

Approach 1 – Email Supervision – $100
Purchase this Module, complete it at your own pace, and return it to us for review.
We’ll go through your answers and send you our comments by email. You’ll get an
all clear to move forward. Or we’ll suggest you make a few course corrections before
you move on to complete the next Module.

Approach 2 – Expert Support – $200
Purchase a Module and complete it at your own pace. Book your telephone coaching
session, when you return it return for review. We provide 20 minutes of one-on-one
coaching support for each Module. When we speak, we’ll address your questions and
go through your answers. At the end of each coaching session, you’ll have fresh insight
into the mechanics of branding , “on point” answers, and be ready to move on to your
next Module.

Approach 3 – Expert Brand Development
If you have a need for speed, choose this “fast track,” approach, and we’ll build your
brand for you.

When you opt to have us build your brand for you, we will contact you to schedule your
initial information gathering sessions and establish your brand development schedule.
We will stay in touch throughout the process, by email and phone.

When you choose this option, you’ll not only get a fully developed branding package,
much faster than you could ever build on your own,  you’ll also gain valuable insight
into the mechanics that drive your brand.

To request information on this fast track, streamlined, personal branding approach,
contact us at clientservice at

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