Beware “The Bermuda Triangle” of Authentic Personal Branding

After investing the time, energy and money required to build an Authentic Personal Brand, it’s  surprisingly easy to undo all your good work and destroy your brand.

Legends tell us of the sirens’ songs that seduced sailors to enter treacherous waters where their ships were damaged or destroyed.

The temptation to enter dangerous branding waters can show up with an equally unexpected strength and allure.

If you heed the siren’s call,  you risk destroying your Authentic Personal Brand in the place that I’m calling “The Bermuda Triangle” of Authentic Personal Branding.

How will you know when you’re drifting into these perilous waters?

Three Danger Signs Mark “The Bermuda Triangle”
of Authentic Personal Branding

If you encounter any of these signs, conduct an assessment or “health check” on your personal brand immediately.  Then plot a course to get yourself out of that area, as quickly as possible.  If you can’t get out on your own, don’t hesitate to call us for assistance.

Danger Sign # 1: Arrogance

When you allow arrogance to influence your brand, it will be marred by an offensive undercurrent of superiority or self-importance.

Choose CONFIDENCE!  Not Arrogance.

Because if YOU don’t have faith in the value your brand delivers, others won’t either.

While humility and modesty (the opposites of arrogance)  are not the sort of personal brand traits that people respond to negatively, they do block the effective promotion of a brand. An overly humble or modest brand simply disappears into the shadows. It simply gets overlooked.  Don’t let that happen to your brand! Confidence is the middle ground between arrogance and humility. That’s where to keep your brand.

Arrogance will create BIG Responses!

  • It will heat people up, irritate them or make them angry
  • It WILL get their attention.
  • But it WON’T attract or keep a loyal following.
    (And if it does, you definitely DON’T want those followers!)

Danger Sign #2: Hype

When you succumb to the allure of hype and sensation, your brand messages become riddled with questionable claims, deception, or trickery that artificially amplifies your brand’s impact.

Choose AUTHENTICITY!  Not Hype.

Authenticity is hype’s polar opposite.  Authenticity builds trust. Hype sets you up to fail.

It’s accurate to believe that you can make a LOT of impact with hype!

It will attract MEGA attention which may include national or international media coverage. But it’s the wrong way to go.

The amount of effort that’s required to sustain hype’s fabrications over time causes so much stress that the truth will inevitably emerge.

The truth will inevitably emerge.  When that happens:

  • Your brand’s authenticity will be destroyed
  • You will lose people’s trust
  • Any attempts to salvage your brand will do more harm than good.

Danger Sign #3: Opinion

Once opinion has infiltrated your brand, you begin to present your beliefs or judgments as facts.  In truth, they are not based on provable facts, hard evidence or logic.

Choose EXPERTISE.  Not opinion.

We all have opinions. But expertise (opinion tempered by experience and fact),  has a far greater appeal and tremendous “staying power.”  Of course it takes time and effort to develop expertise.

Opinions cost nothing because they have no value.

  • Because there’s such a glut of opinions available, they have absolutely no value as a commodity in trade.
  • When you present your opinions as expertise, you are opening yourself up for attack by those who DO have the expertise you are aping.
  • Your lack of expertise WILL be exposed – and your brand will be destroyed.

In our socially-networked and professionally linked in world, there’s nowhere for a pretender to hide.  You will be exposed.  It’s not a matter of “if,” but “when.”

Protect your Authentic Personal Brand!
Keep it “ship shape” and “on course,”  (heading towards your vision).

Ignore the sirens’ song when you hear them, because:

  • Your brand is your “gold.”
  • Your brand is your reputation.
  • Your brand is irreplaceable.