Is Your Authentic Personal Brand’s Value Proposition Attracting the People, Opportunities and Success You Want?

Your Value Proposition is the “Sweet Spot” of Your Authentic Personal Brand   What does that mean?

 When your personal brand is fully authentic and well built – its value proposition has the ability to effectively convey  “your appeal” as well as “the key value you provide” to the people and organizations that want what you’ve got.

Common Questions & Misconceptions

The questions I get asked most often about Authentic Personal Branding make it very clear that the concept of a “personal value proposition” is woefully misunderstood.

5 Top FAQs about Authentic Personal Branding

  1. “How can my brand fast track my success?”
  2. “Is my core value the same as my value proposition?”
  3. “How can my Authentic Personal Brand attract the business opportunities I want?”
  4. “How can my Authentic Personal Brand make my expertise and experience distinct and appealing?”
  5. “How can my Authentic Personal Brand get me top dollar?”

When I translate these question into “brand-ese” they all ask:

“How can I develop the effective, compelling, authentic value proposition that will not only lead me to success, but keep me there?”

My initial response to people who ask  this question, is to ask them:

“How clear are you on the value you offer?”

Why do I ask that?

“Because in order to clearly communicate your value, you have to be both clear and specific about what others value in you.”

  • Are you a strong natural leader who attracts followers easily? Are you comfortable with the responsibility of inspiring and directing others’ actions?
  • Are you an “out of the box thinker” who always comes up with fresh ideas and innovative strategies? Do you find it impossible to do things “just because” they’ve always been done?
  • Are you the insightful manager who turns “maverick lone rangers” into top performing business teams?  Can you turn “the power of one” into stellar team play?

To help you clearly communicate your value proposition, I’m going to walk you through the exact 4-step development process I created for MIBOSO’s Authentic Personal Branding clients.

Use these four steps to zone in on the “sweet spot” of your Authentic Personal Brand and craft a powerful, memorable, attractive and authentic value proposition.

Your Value Proposition is the “Headline” that Pulls Readers
into the “Full Story” of Your Authentic Personal Brand!

But wait!  Before you begin to develop your value proposition you must put aside EVERYTHING you’ve ever been taught about NOT blowing your own horn.

Because even though an effective value proposition is NOT “about you”, it DOES require you to “advertise” the value you offer to the people and organizations who are “out shopping” for the strengths, values, talents, ideals, passions and experience that you (and only you) possess.

“Advertise” Your Value!

In order for your “ad” to deliver a positive response with the “shoppers” who are looking for what you offer,  its  unique  appeal must convince them YOU are exactly what THEY’RE seeking.

Your Value Proposition is Brief and Believable

Your value proposition is a brief, believable statement. It tells the people who want, need and value what you’ve got, exactly WHY you’re the one they should choose.  What makes your claim believable? The evidence with which your Authentic Personal Brand backs up the claims made by your value proposition.

Your Value Proposition Gets You Noticed!

Your value proposition acts like the news story headline that grabs readers’ attention by giving them a sense of the value they’ll get from the full story.

The strength, appeal and relevance of your value proposition is what makes readers either:

a) Decide to take action, and contact you

b) Think about taking action at a later date – and file your information

c) Drop your headline into the trash can and forget all about you.

Your Value Proposition is Engaging and Appealing

Your value proposition communicates in such an engaging, appealing way that those who are interested in what you’re offering  just HAVE to pursue you in order to get more of what your value proposition promised.  Now that they’ve had the taster, they’re keen to place their order.

Your Value Proposition Will Make Your Target Market Salivate!

So now that you know WHY your Authentic Personal Brand needs a value proposition, you can prepare yourself to start developing one that’s just as appealing and delectable as the little pieces of “Chocolate Heaven” in the photo above.

In my next post, I’ll walk you through the 4-step process I use to build value propositions for MIBOSO’s Authentic Personal Branding clients.

You may not want to make YOUR target market salivate, but you do want to fill them with the same sense of desire and positive anticipation that you feel when you anticipate digging into your favorite treat!