Elevate Your Business ⬆ Attract & Sell

What do YOU want?

How will YOU stand out in the world?

What sort of lasting legacy will YOU create?

These are tough questions. They’re hard for me to answer for myself too. But over the years I’ve honed my ability to help entrepreneurs, business owners and executives uncover their answers, quickly and easily.

If you’re seeking a direct route from where you are today, to YOUR outstanding future, I’ll show you how to clarify your vision (uncover your answers to the questions above), identify your next steps, and support you throughout your journey.

I’m Rosemary Davies-Janes, Master Brand Architect, Innovative Marketer, Inspiring Coach, and Ground-Breaking Entrepreneur.

But wait! (As the infomercial pitch-folk like to say.) There’s more!  I’m also…

How may I serve you? Let’s connect to find out.
  • An accomplished artist, designer, writer and photographer
  • A passionate potential revealer, rehabber of businesses, brands, homes, furniture… Transforming a lackluster “before” into an amazing “after” is  pure joy!
  • An active health and fitness fan, energy healer,  committed dog lover and rescuer
  • An avid traveler, I enjoy living
    in foreign lands “like a local”

What Got Me Here?

After Art College, University (Honours BA, Psychology) and an entry level Clinical Psychology job that convinced me to redirect my career… I held various positions in advertising agencies, design and marketing firms, exploring and mastering graphic design, print production, art direction, creative direction, business development,  and account management.

Always adventurous (chronically curious) I decided to see what it was like on my client’s side of the desk. This exploration launched my corporate marketing career, leading advertising and marketing departments for rapidly expanding multinational retailers. It was fast paced, challenging and fulfilling work. But after ten years in, I became a working Mom and yearned to be an active participant in my child’s life. (Not just the driver who dropped her off at daycare.) So I ditched the 12-hour days, grueling commutes (and bi-weekly paychecks!) and founded my own business.

Who Do I Serve?

Back in 1998, I began offering branding services to individuals. This makes me one of the world’s first and most experienced personal branding service providers. In subsequent years, I added products & programs… even an internet radio show that showcased  clients’ successes, and the folks who inspired them, to a global audience.

I also serve businesses of all kinds and classes, helping them build brands that attract exceptional employees, ideal customers and increased sales.

I love equipping my clients with the tools, skills and insights they need to achieve their personal and professional goals, be at the top of their game. Guiding them through the challenging process of identifying and owning their greatness is inspiring. Witnessing their ongoing success is a delight!

Fortunately, my clients love working with me too! They describe me as exceptionally creative, inspiring, insightful, supportive and consistent…

How May I Serve You? 

What Makes You, or Your Business, Stand Out?

Contact me and let’s schedule an introductory chat to find out.